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What Sets Us Apart

What Sets Us Apart

At our firm, we strive for excellence in service, seeking to treat our clients the same way we would like to be treated. We serve our clients with respect, professionalism, and sensitivity toward their needs and goals.

We understand the demands of todays fast pace, information driven society, and we utilize the latest technologies available to provide our clients with an exceptional online experience. Our firm utilizes online portals providing clients with a secure and convenient 24/7 connection to our firm.

The partners at our firm are dually licensed as attorneys and CPAs, affording our clients the opportunity to have their personal and business needs met at one location. This dual certification gives our clients the power and uniqueness of a dual view with one rather than two advisors. While BSA exists to serve your accounting and tax needs, the Law Firm of Bailey & Smith, PLLC was established to serve your personal and professional legal needs at every stage of life.

In three easy steps, our team can help you
find your path to a sustainable, profitable business
and more individual freedom.


 Our Specialties

Professional Service Providers

Our trained staff understands the unique challenges that your professional service-based business faces. As your trusted advisors, we work with you throughout the year to evaluate...

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Medical Professionals

Our firm is committed to helping you achieve financial success within your medical practice. Our skilled professionals have years of experience in providing...

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Our firm specializes in serving the accounting, tax and financial management needs of law firms, lawyers, attorneys and all types of legal practices. We help legal firms...

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